MamaRubi, GrammyRubi and I had lunch in town today and afterwards decided to drop into the Talbots down the block. I am still looking for a crisp, white blouse, and thought I’d grab one there. After some rummaging around, it started to dawn on me that there were no size 18 garments anywhere. So I asked the manager, a family friend, if they’d stopped carrying them in the stores. She confirmed that was the case.

I can’t believe it. I’ve shopped at that Talbots since I was 16 — a mere 33 summers ago. But no longer.

A clothing store that doesn’t want my business in their bricks-and-mortar stores, clearly doesn’t want my business AT ALL. In the current economy, that’s a decision that’s hard to fathom, but there you have it.

I won’t buy clothes that I can’t try on, especially when the sizing is as wildly inconsistent as Talbots’ has been in recent years. (Case in point: I tried on an XL — that is, size 18-20 — top that was so tight on me you could see what I was thinking. I guess they haven’t gotten around to banishing the XLs from the stores yet.) And to have to pay shipping on top of it? No, siree.

So, ta-ta, Talbots. It’s been swell.