Even though I’ve been broke, broke, broke for the last few months, I try to treat myself to little goodies. I’ve got a Mason jar that I dump change into for just that purpose. I’m hoping at some point to have enough for a spa day, but I’m also perfectly happy grabbing a handful of change for something little.

Last week, my friend Ester the florist had some little jasmine plants in her shop for 6.50€, so I counted out the change from my jar and brought one up to my balcony. She told me to be careful not to over-water it so that it lasts through the summer. Even though I sometimes “love things to death,” I’m going to do my best.

Today, it was warm enough (24º C) to have the balcony doors open all day, and it smelled just heavenly! One tiny plant producing all of that happiness… A handful of change very well spent indeed.

What have you treated yourself to lately?