It’s that time of year where Madrid has had a little taste of warm weather, followed by a fortnight of cold, rain, hail, wind. (The good news is that we’ll be up to 24C/79F by Monday!) All of this swinging back and forth means it’s hard to know what to put on in the morning — on the one hand, warm clothes are a necessity, but on the other, I’m so sick of my winter wardrobe, I’d happily burn it all.

Still, I manage to come up with a few looks that work for right now. Today, for instance, I’m wearing black cords, a shirt printed with pink and red ladybugs (last year’s, from Gap) and a pink cashmere pullover (purchased in the year gimel, from Lands’ End). Black Cole-Haan box calf loafers worn sockless complete the outfit. I look springy and bright, but I’m warm. (Yes, even without socks. The ability to go without socks except in the bitterest cold is one I acquired as a young lass in WASP-ville.)

But I’m thinking longingly about real warm weather clothes, about putting away most of what I’ve been wearing for the last five months so I can love it again next year. I’m not the only one — Mater posted about spring shopping yesterday, and from the comments on her post, it’s clear that we’re all ready for a change.

And I don’t just want to change to lighter fabrics — I’m bored with how I’ve been dressing the last few months (trousers, sweaters, flats or ankle boots). I want to go funkier, to have more fun, to take a flying leap out of my comfort zone. I’ve set my sights on buying a new sewing machine with stretch and double-needle stitching, so I can make more adventurous garments. I’m also considering where to find inspiration, if not actual clothes. Invisible Woman wrote yesterday in the Guardian about where to shop when you are of a certain age — I’ll be checking back for her suggestions. Feel free to point me in interesting directions in the comments, too.

How are you doing in your seasonal transitions? Have any of you thawed out yet?