I’ve just done something bold, and a little scary. My heart is still pounding, just a little bit. And I’m thrilled beyond belief.

After nearly two years standing on the edge of the diving board and holding on for dear life with my toes, I’ve taken a plunge. I’ve declared my coaching practice open for business.

Those of you know know me in real life or have been reading the blog for a while, know that I finished my coaching training quite a while ago. And you also know that I came to Madrid to start that coaching practice. Some of you have even asked me if I’ve gotten it going. (Kindly, supportively, of course.)

So what was behind the postponement? Mostly, I let myself get caught up in the “how will I make a living?” panic that often surrounds a career shift. Editorial work found me, and helped pay the bills, and dulled a little bit the urge to strike out in the direction of what I knew I really wanted to do. (Note to those who sent the editorial work my way: I am deeply grateful to you.)

I also built myself some obstacles. “I don’t know how to get into the market here” and “I don’t have a web presence” and other unhelpful self-talk moved the goal posts back again and again. I’m good at setting up prerequisites for myself, I guess.

What finally pushed me off the diving board were a few recent “pings”:

1. A community of practice: Back in the spring, a coach here in Madrid who trained in the same program I did found me on LinkedIn. We’ve been meeting up and talking about working together and coaching in general. More importantly, she sees me as a coach. That’s helped me immensely. How we see ourselves determines so much.

2. A fresh idea: Over vacation in France, my dad shared a book with me that is really inspiring. He’s using it in a business class he’s teaching in the fall semester. I’m using it with myself, and will be using it with my clients, and to develop a workshop to give here in Madrid. It is very good stuff. I’m so thankful that he saw it would be useful to me.

3. A question: Last week, MamaRubi and I were talking about money. (She’s the CFO of my two-person LLC. I’m the CEO.) I have two publishing/translation projects that are winding down in the next couple of weeks. The last invoices will be going out soon. She asked me, “What’s next?” and I answered, “I don’t know.” Then I started thinking about what I want the answer to that question to be. Even though I’ll be happy to have a new publishing or translation project find me — there are still bills to pay, after all — I know that what I really want is to coach, and the sooner the better.

So this morning I jumped. I put a notice on Facebook that I’m accepting clients in Madrid and over Skype.

And I wrote this post.