I love Eurovision — I know it’s cheesy, but I do — especially for the acts that are willing to go “all in.” But every year, it gets a little more anodyne, a little more meh. I thought that many of the acts in this year’s competition were meh. Happily, there were a few entries that were willing to maintain tradition Eurovision standards of out-thereness. Here, a brief rundown.

There was this guy. The Romanian (Bargain) Counter Tenor. He’s got everything that makes Eurovision, Eurovision. Disco-Dracula costume. Writhing mostly naked dancers. Incomprehensible lyrics.

Also holding the torch high for Euro-weird, was Azerbaijan, with a guy in a box and a girl with a giant train (don’t miss the cloth spinal cord down the back of her dress). The song was actually decent, and the singer did a good job with it.

My favorite entry was from Moldova. Crazy sculptural hair, dress/prop with elevator, spiky-haired boy dancers. Plus a great song (complete with lyric check to the Maya Calendar), delivered with passion and musicality. In my opinion, it really should have won.

I loved the Greek entry. What’s not to like about these guys?  Their outfits look like modern versions of the traditional Greek army uniform, if Evzones wore Chucks. It features Agathonas Iakovidis playing (I think) a tzouras. AND there’s an accordion! The only thing missing was a stack of plates to smash. (I don’t speak Greek, but I’m guessing that the lyrics were something like, “Screw you, Merkel, you can run our country into the ground, but we’re still having more fun than you, you austerity-obsessed shrew.”) Don’t be surprised if hordes of Teutonic Tourists are shaking their booties to this fun, fun song over summer hols on Santorini. “Alcohol is free,” indeed.

Oh, and for those of you who are into results, Denmark won, with this thoroughly acceptable song. Yawn.