Because I’ve been feeling the desire to shed the extra tummy floof I acquire over the winter, and because I know that I’m not going to stick to a diet that requires long stretches of calorie-counting, etc. (I just won’t), I was interested to read about The Fast Diet. This type of eating plan is also known as a 5:2 diet, in that two non-sequential days out of five, you have a modified fast (5oo calories for women; 600 for men).

I’ve had plenty of experience with fasting, as it’s part of the prep process for my regular colonoscopy. It didn’t seem daunting to go one-day-at-a-time without eating, and the science behind the plan is solid. I downloaded the e-book from Barnes and Noble, and started reading. I enlisted a couple of my Sunday Lunch Club friends to be fasting buddies.

As I write this, I’m in the middle of my first Fast Day. I am not going to dissemble: despite having had a good breakfast and drinking liters of water, I feel like crap — trembly-shaky, massive headache, constantly growling stomach, and a level of flakiness unprecedented even for someone whose nom de plume is Rubiatonta. I am glad that I decided to start on a day when I don’t have to meet a deadline, because I’d miss it by a mile.

But I’m also hopeful. If this works — and I believe it will — I’ll be able to stick with it indefinitely. After all, it’s only one day at a time.