A little while back, in a bold move against the kiddification of nightware, Lisa of Privilege shared sources for grown-up flannel pajamas. I support her efforts on behalf of all pj wearing women (or wimmins, as WendyB would say).

The thing is, I’d much rather sleep in a nightgown. I don’t love getting a bed-wedgie. I’ve always thrashed around at night, and find that I do so even more now that I’m developing my own tropical climate zone. I prefer feeling unconstrained — which is also behind my preference for a duvet-only bed linen scenario. (It always leaves me feeling a little sorry for the housekeeping staff when I completely untuck the neatly made bed in a hotel. Can’t stand feeling like my feet are trapped!) And I have well-honed standards for my sleepwear.

In summer, I like a sleeveless, loose woven cotton gown along the lines of this one, from La Cera at Serene Comfort.


In winter, I’m looking for a long gown, with long sleeves. I was gifted this exceptionally pretty one for Xmas. It’s by Eileen West, also at Serene Comfort.


Garnet Hill used to be my first stop for any nightgown, summer or winter. I have two of their Asian-wrap style gowns, which are real warhorses, with short sleeves for warmer weather. But for reasons I can’t quite fathom, this season, they didn’t offer the Asian-wrap gowns with long sleeves. (Given that they’re based in New Hampshire, I find this especially puzzling, but maybe their market research knows something I don’t know.) They do have some lovely sleeveless gowns on the site right now, if you live in warmer climes or don’t mind sleeping with uncovered arms.

So, dear readers, to retune that time-honored presidential campaign question, nighties or jimjams? And do you have a secret source for seasonally-appropriate nightgowns? Please share!