There has been a lot of knitting going on around here of late — little projects to keep me amused while I try to figure out what I’m going to do with two big piles of stash yarn — and one of them was the tam you can see below. I had ordered the yarn from Jamieson’s in Shetland for a different tam last winter and then stashed it, so it also counts toward de-stashing goals. A good thing!

Materfamilias mentioned yesterday that she wants to learn to knit two-handed so her Fair Isle goes faster. I may try to do the same, since I have another tam in the pipeline. I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s the outside. The bits that look black are actually very dark aubergine. The other colors are cream, dark grey, oxford grey, and what Binney and Smith would call “red violet.” (I like tams in a ton of colors, and have a few patterns in my Ravelry library, but the budget isn’t up to buying ten-plus skeins of Shetland right now.)


And here’s the inside. I like to have the inside of stranded knitting as neat as the outside. Note the corrugated ribbing, too. (It’s visible on the outside, of course!)


Stay tuned for another de-stash project or two in the near future.