I’m not a big one for resolutions, as I know too well, from my own experience and from working as a coach, that changing one’s habits is a difficult proposition. (Especially when it involves things like eating, sleep, or exercise.)

However, I like doing things that are new — any time of year — and January is as good a month as any to add the fun of a new project or pursuit to a stretch of weeks that can otherwise feel like a slog in the Northern Hemisphere.

And so it is that I’ve started a couple of new groups to share with my friends, and as a way to make new friends. One is the latest incarnation of the Stitch-and-Bitch groups that I end up forming wherever I live, so I can hang out with (and enable the yarn habits of) other knitters. The other is something I’m thinking of as the Sunday Lunch Club.

Sunday can often feel like a loose end, especially in Spain, where it’s generally the day to have lunch with your family (parents, grandparents, et al.). For those of us without extended family close by, it’s nice to have Sunday lunch with our “selected family” (i.e., friends) — I’m proposing finding one Sunday a month, with hosting/cooking duties to rotate among those of us who want to participate. But nothing more formal than that, so it doesn’t feel like a “have to.” (Have to + Sunday doesn’t compute for me.)

What new pursuits and projects are you adding to your life for 2013? Please share in the comments.