Pseu at Une Femme d’un Certain Age invited us to share our brooches today, and I’m pleased that amid the pre-Thanksgiving running around, I managed to remember!

When I got out the brooches that I have with me (a lot of my jewelry is still in the States), I realized that I haven’t worn them as often as I used to, as indicated by the fact that I needed to polish them before I took their pictures! After I finished the photo shoot, I left a few out to remind me to wear them more.

You’ll notice that they are all silver. One of my Rubi-nesses is that I only wear silver jewelry, and preferably artist-made or ethnic in origin. I have a few gold pieces, somewhere, I think, but I haven’t worn them in decades.

My brooch-iest brooch is this seed bead mosaic stunner by Mary Kanda. I wear it often in the winter with my purple and black, and it makes me happy every time I put it on.

A biggie! I usually wear this one way up on my shoulder so it doesn’t droop.

I collect jewelry made by the Southwest tribes — Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi — and I’m fortunate to have inherited some lovely pieces, as well as receiving them from family members who share my obsession and are happy to enable me!

From top left, clockwise: Hopi overlay butterfly, Zuni inlay roadrunner and butterfly, Navajo wagonwheel, bear paw fetish, and thunderbird (formerly an earring, until its mate was lost). All but the Hopi butterfly were gifts or inherited.

My paternal grandmother’s initials were FNL, but she never went by her first name. My initials are RNL — I’m named for her, in the middle. I figure that 2/3 is close enough for jazz and government work.

Not sure how old these are, but the GM in question was born in 1906.

An assortment of silver pins/brooches (What’s the dividing line? the size? I should know that!), most of them gifted to me. The top three (sheep, scallop, and cat) are by Newport, RI, jeweler Jim Breakell — that is, I think the cat is. His work is very popular in my family! The Celtic cross came back from Scotland as a gift from the other blonde sibling, and the jagged sun I bought one rainy week in Seattle.

These usually hang out a few at a time on a beret or lapel.

Thanks, Pseu, for this fun group project — it was a treat to see so many of these “old friends” again, and I’ll be sure to get them out more.