Pardon the lack of posts here — hot and cold running crises — small and economy size — plus a few days in Barcelona (more on that when I get organized) have gotten in the way of writing.

After the fun of the trip, I was brought back to earth with a jolt by none other than Mlle. Zouzou, who was very well looked after in my absence by a live-in cat sitter. Reports are that she charmed him to bits. Nevertheless, she doesn’t like it when I travel, and always has to take it out on me when I get home. Usually she knocks things off the nightstand, or stands on tender parts of my anatomy until I get the point. But she’d never gone as nuts as she did this time.

Tuesday night she was very shouty and demanding, and I was too tired to pay her much heed. All I wanted to do was to get clean sheets on the bed and get in it, which I did in fairly short order. Zou was up and down, back and forth, yelling like mad. Finally, she jumped on me, and balancing herself very carefully on my hip bones proceeded to pee all over me and the freshly-made bed.

This was not the homecoming I would have requested! I stripped off the sheets, grabbed some soapy water and a towel, and did my best to clean up the mess. Because the extra sheets were in the wash, I couldn’t change the bed, so I just slept around the wet spots on the bare mattress.

Yesterday morning, I got up early and went off in search of something to remove the urine stains. No luck. Even at our local pet store, they told me to go to a droguería. There wasn’t anything there. I’ve found something online that looks to be similar to Nature’s Miracle, but it’s pricey, and will take a few days to get here. In the meantime, I’m trying to find something that will work. I don’t want the stain to sink in to my lovely bed too much!

Any ideas or home recipes?

P.S. I did splash out 32 euros for a Feliway diffuser. I’m hoping it takes the edge off — if not, it may be time for kitty Prozac.