My summer sewing is poking along, and so there’s nothing much to show — but there is this Day of the Dead-flavored goodness.

Howlite skulls (about 1.5″ top to bottom) and coral chunks, plus one Oaxacan silver bead for zest.

I was out for a walk in the neighborhood the other day and discovered a bead shop where I could get a couple of pieces restrung/repaired — so I went back later with the items in question, and ended up having to wait while the owner attended to other customers. Rubi left to her own devices in a craft-oriented store is always dangerous, but this time I think the results were worth it. Note, please, that I don’t wear all of the pieces at once! That necklace goes a long way all by itself and I usually pair it with dialed-back silver or turquoise pieces.