The Project from Hades is now in the Driving-Rubi-Bonkers stage — to the point that I just took a little break to wolf down a bowl full of popcorn a la Spike (fun fact: when you’re massively stressed out, popcorn is a wonderful, healthy de-stresser — and popcorn sprinkled with Spike is Food of the Gods) — so it’s been a challenge to come up with a post for y’all, my dear ones.

Well, I mean, it was until I opened the utility closet a little while ago to do some ironing and saw this.

Yes, it really is spelled T-O-K-E

I’ll grant that I’m punchier than usual today, but isn’t it grand that in Spain you can iron AND get a little happy?

Sing it with me: “Don’t bogart that starch my friend…”