I’d like to start this post by thanking those of you who have checked my blog on a regular basis, even though I haven’t posted anything new for 16 days (yes, I counted). Of course, you may have just wandered over because you were searching for information about “wool fetishes,” but that’s immaterial.

Rest assured that my absence was not due to a blow to the head, alien abduction, or the Euro crisis. It’s just that it took a while to get the internet hooked up (I had to change service providers — this time to a company that not only won’t let me have my name on the contract, but won’t let me be the payer, which means that Mr. Pants is in charge), and I’ve also been working hard to get the apartment whipped into shape for this weekend’s natal-day festivities.

Come on back tomorrow and I’ll show you what I did to keep myself entertained while I waited for the DSL Fairy to arrive.