Yesterday I got my first batch of Hotpatterns designs and I’m dying to get started. (By the way, Hotpatterns is having a 20% sale through the month of April, so now’s a great time to give them a try.)  I’ve got one little bit of work to wrap up today, and then it’s sew-a-palooza! Here’s the first pattern I’m going to start with — a lovely, simple summer dress with gorgeous details that make it more than wearable!

If you suspect it's going to be a summer "uniform," might as well make two!

The fabric on the left looks like denim, but is in fact twill-woven linen. I found it at Emma OneSock for an excellent price. The other piece is black and tan linen, out of my stash from a couple of years ago. I’m going to make the blue one just as Trudy shows it in her wonderful YouTube clip — with a scoop neck and white topstitching. The black one is going to be a v-neck. And I’m going to sneak pockets into both of them, since I really can’t live without them. All garments should have pockets, sez Rubi.

I’m also going to be a good little monkey and make a muslin before I start. I don’t enjoy making muslins, but this fabric is too good to screw up. And since I have to trace the pattern off anyway, I’ve gotten my hands on some “Swedish tracing paper” — it’s actually spun-bonded poly, which I can then baste into a muslin and check the fit. It’s going to be really nice to be able to adjust right on the pattern pieces themselves.

Check back tomorrow for another project I’m cooking up — and the final products will be on view early next week.