I decided not to go to Oviedo for Easter after all — with the move, finishing up a couple of projects, and getting packed to leave for a visit to the States, it just didn’t make sense.

It’s raining. It’s rained more since April began than it did in the whole of winter. Plus, it’s Semana Santa, and the weather is always awful at Semana Santa.

The knitting project is going great guns. Since I’m home and it’s raining I should make lots of headway, when I’m not working, packing, or putting together a large assortment of Ikea furniture.

Speaking of Ikea furniture, I’m trying to decide if I should schlep back out there on public transit (maybe my old friend Fitti-Senna-Fangio will be driving) to swap the bed feet. The woman who so helpfully (and I’m not being ironic, she was a darling) organized my bed purchase¬† told me that the wooden feet were out of stock, so I got the metal ones. But I just looked on their website, and the wooden ones are in stock after all. The more I look at the metal feet, the more they look like they should be on a moon lander, and I’m really not going for the “Captain Newt, Space Explorer” look in my bedroom. What would you do, kids?