This is promising research, and interesting reading. Dr. Barbara Corkey is on to something, and she’s not messing around:

Corkey believes that extra calories alone can’t possibly be causing this epidemic. “This gets to the last remaining bigotry in the world, which is against obesity,” she says. “If you’re a good person and you do all the right things, you’re going to be lean. And if you’re a bad person and you eat like a pig and you don’t do any exercise, you’re going to be fat. It is the only body function that we look at this way.”

This bigotry “has slowed the field down incredibly,” she says. “We don’t spend enough money on research. This is the main disease that is growing the health care budget in our society, and we don’t even really consider it a disease. We don’t study it. We don’t understand it. We have no effective treatments, because if you say, ‘Control yourself,’ and think that’s an effective treatment, then you’re sticking your head in the sand.”