Our early spring has brought with it an early allergy season, too. I have a whole group of friends who have been sneezing and coughing with abandon for the last couple of weeks. I usually start my day with a dozen or so blasting hoots. It’s so charming.

Since I know that things are going to get sneezier before they get better, I decided I’d better arm myself against the dreaded Seasonal Nose Drip.

I'm ready!

I found these (real) Liberty hankies at Zara Home for Kids, of all places. For about half of what you’d pay for them at (real) Liberty’s. They don’t have the lovely faggoted hem that you get at the Mother Ship, but at the end of the day, I’m blowing my nose on them, so I’ll get over it.

The thing I can’t quite get over is where I bought them.

Now, you know I love kiddos as much as the next Subversive Auntie, but where short people and their, um, boogies are concerned, a dainty little flowered hankie is not the correct implement. You want a good heavy duty tissue. Or a dishtowel. Or a hose. (Though I would be delighted to let my pink-loving nieces have one of these to carry around in their little purses. On the theory that when they are older they will understand that some old-fashioned traditions, like a lady carrying her own hankie, are worth maintaining.)

That print on the lower left is so charming that I’ve tracked it down on the bolt — when I get a little money together, I’m going to make myself a summer blouse out of it. Just the thing for Madrid in July!