You may (or may not, we don’t judge these things here at Casa Rubi) be happy to see the photos below. They show the other half of the apartment, the half I like to call Suite Guacamole.

Brace yourselves.

"Blue and green must never be seen" -- as if!

Like its friend the sofa, the bed appears to be fairly cozy — mostly because of the fluffy pillows and duvet — when in fact it’s the least comfortable bed since The Princess and the Pea. It’s been made bearable by a memory foam topper bought at IKEA after the first week in residence. It was like sleeping on a bed of nails — no padding at all and the tops of the springs poked into my tender flesh. ¡Ay!

That wavy mirror is the twin of the one that was stuck to the floor under the bed. No, I have no idea how it got there. My landlord removed it by smashing it up with a hammer.

Rather than a dresser, the bedroom has a desk. I decided what I really needed was a vanity, so I bought a wild-and-crazy table runner from Zara Home to cover the surface. With a few bits and pieces (check out my hot pink leather “pocket tray”) to organize my girly accoutrements, it works pretty well.

(Not shown here, Mr. Furry, my pet flokati. I love him, but I didn’t think you’d be all that keen on a picture of a white rug…)

The bathroom is probably my favorite part of S.G. — it’s tiny, and has shiny new tile, cabinets, and shower stall. Plus a towel-rack-cum-radiator that has dried a ton of laundry this winter. And the green is broken up a little with white, so it’s a little more soothing to look at. In fact, I lurf it. (Is that wrong?)

This shot highlights the wood-grain looking ceramic tiles. You'd never have guessed, would you?

So there you have it. The whole house tour! Just in time to move to the new one…