Even unblocked, it's a beauty. (I'll try to get another photo post-blocking and in daylight so you can see how gorgeous this colorway is.) Made by Xtina, modeled by Xtina.

When MamaRubi sent me the big pile of “Wine Tasting” yarn that I’d left behind in the move (no room in the suitcase), I took a skein over to show Xtina. Once she laid eyes on it, it was a done deal — she had to have it because the colorway has red, hot pink, and purple, it would go perfectly with all of her winter coats. And besides, I’d lost weight and I wasn’t going to need all that yarn I’d bought when I was a size bigger, she reasoned. I didn’t take that skein back home.

She said that she wanted to make a hat (a beret, really). The only thing was, she hadn’t knit anything in about 25 years, and she didn’t know how to knit in the round. I promised to help, found her an easy pattern on Ravelry, did a quick and dirty translation into Spanish, and got her set up on a pair of circulars I wasn’t using. (MamaRubi also sent my full-to-bursting needle case, o joy.)

House afire doesn’t even begin to describe how quickly she got this made, and largely without my help. With the exception of one wonky bit in the ribbing (the Amish* part), the hat is flawless, with even gauge. It just goes to show that there IS muscle memory for crafts once learned.

Her next project? A long sweater coat for summer. If we don’t find a suitable pattern, I have a feeling she’ll just design one. And maybe spin the yarn while she’s at it. She’s scaring me a little.

(*Amish quilters intentionally make a mistake in their quilts, because perfect creations are of the divine, not the human. I usually end up with at least one Amish part in every project. It’s good discipline for a recovering perfectionist like me.)