Here’s the living room — now fitter for human consumption due to the addition of an IKEA arm chair, which replaced a cheaptastic IKEA folding chair. Now I have a cozy corner seat for a guest, or a nicer place to dump my coat and purse, depending on how you look at it.

Note: Hiding a router behind transparent objects doesn't really work.

Opposite the chair and the Big Orange Thing (made more bearable by the addition of a taupe table runner) is the World’s Most Uncomfortable Sofa.

Don't let its mild, neutral manner fool you. It's a beast!

I wonder if Spain has an Ugly Couch competition?

This is why the sofa throw was invented.

On the floor, not seen because I need to vacuum, is a small sisal rug. It’s holding up surprisingly well to Madrid’s famous winter grunge, but I may be forced to spot treat it with a nail brush and a little Fairy.

And that’s it for the living room. Next stop, the boudoir…

ETA: Dear Lisa, Please note that I, too, Will Never Knowingly Undercushion. No matter how away from New England I may roam.