I popped in to my local Sephora to buy a new lippy (if it’s true that sales of lipsticks go up in hard times, they must be rolling in it with all of the gloom and doom about) and the nice salesperson gave me a sample of Elie Saab Le Parfum.

I squirted a little on when I got of out of the shower (hurrah, we’re Not Camping at Casa Rubi today*) and it’s just heavenly — orange blossom, honey, jasmine, patchouli, cedar… I think I may be in trouble.

*The plumber came yesterday, turned the boiler all the way down, back up again, and it lit. Why couldn’t I have figured that out? At least he had the good grace to say that it was on its last legs and probably needs to be replaced (on my landlord’s dime), but still.