Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating today!

While I am not partaking of turkey and trimmings, I am giving thanks — for a roof over my head, for food to eat, for work to do, and most of all for those who love me.

I went back and forth about how to spend my day today. The American Club is hosting a big T-day buffet this evening, and everyone is welcome. But I decided to save my shekels for next week’s trip to London — there’s lots of fun planned, and I’ll need them.

Instead, this evening I will be attending the first meeting of a Nonviolent Communication practice group that I’m co-creating with some folks from the bigger class I’ve been attending. I’m feeling anticipation and excitement, looking forward to the journey we’re about to undertake. There’s plenty to be thankful for right there.

*How the Spanish refer to Thanksgiving: “Día de Accion de Gracias” — literally Action of Thanks. I like the idea of not just giving thanks, but putting it into action, don’t you?