How is it that someone we’re thinking about just turns up? It’s odd and wonderful enough when it’s someone who lives close by, or who picks up the phone to call, but what happened to me this week is much bigger, odder, and wonderfuller.

My dear friend P, who was my study partner in our Coaching program, lives in Brazil. Since we finished the program in 2009, we’ve stayed in touch via Skype, chat, and the occasional meet up. Last time (summer 2010), we both happened to be in Madrid, so we got together for a drink and some shopping in the Barrio Salamanca. Because we’re posh like that.

Fast forward to my recent stay on Velázquez Street. It just happened that my little hotel was next door to a shop that P and I had visited. Which made me think of her every time I walked by. For five days, times two or three. That’s a lot of thoughts.

Two days ago I had an email from her, apologizing for having been out of touch, catching up. She told me, “Coaching is going well, and I’m really busy. I’m in Madrid right now…” WHAT? So I quick dashed off a reply to let her know that I was in Madrid, too. We got on Skype and made plans to meet. I just got back from a lovely afternoon that included the YSL exhibit, lunch at Café Gijon, and shopping for pricey cosmetics (it’s an occupational hazard with her — she’s in the business). There was also a lot of really helpful conversation about getting the coaching practice off the ground here. And the company of someone who loves and understands me really, really well.

My feet hurt, but my heart is singing!

Alas, not available in the exhibit gift shop. (From