Here it is, mid-September, and I’m just rolling around to the blog. I’ve missed it, but couldn’t get up a big enough head of steam to post every day…what with classes, two projects, and getting ready to head to Madrid, it felt like too much. So for now, I’ll be posting two (random) days a week. When I get my feet on the ground and my wifi sorted out in Madrid, I’ll be back to five days a week.

And now, for a quick update:

There’s a 28-inch suitcase in the living room. It’s not packed yet

I’ve got a ticket to Madrid for the 26th.

One of the two projects I’m working on requires Parallels, Windows Vista, and Entry Editor software. Thank deities Mercury is no longer retrograde.

Look who came to live at CasaRubi:

Young Master Owen Puppypants

Not exactly Zouzou’s bosom friend just yet, but they’re doing fine.


P.S. Thank you, Stevie Smith.