The last time I visited Soma (home of my favorite reasonably-priced bra, the Allura), the saleswoman convinced me to try a pair of their new “Vanishing Edge” panties. Now, I’ve never been one to obsess over VPL and how it kept me from doing whatever it is that VPL keeps you from doing, but I’m game for new stuff. So I bought a pair and brought them home — finally getting around to trying them yesterday.

On the plus side: as promised, there are no panty lines from the back.

On the oh-hell-no, negatory side: the vanishing part is due to a lot of silicone grippy stuff in the part of the panty where elastic would be in normal panties, i.e., around the back leg openings. You need two hands to pull your knickers up, because once that silicone meets skin, it stays, often several inches shy of your booty. The silicone is rather sweaty-making. And it, um, pulls on the mammalian aspect of the backside.

I HATE THEM. Of course, YMMV, if you like the feeling of having a number of rubber bands wrapped round your bottom. (If you do, I have to wonder why you’re here, and not at my other blog, Madame Rouge’s House of Domination.*)

Do yourselves a favor, sweeties. Do not buy the evil grippy panties from hell. Embrace your VPL!

*Just kidding. MamaRubi reads this blog, so it’s not like I’d actually post the real name of the dom-blog, right?