There may be such a thing as a Rubi-proof manicure after all. I’ll be putting this CND Shellac mani to the test over the next two weeks.  So far, they’ve held up to lots of typing. Next up: sewing, knitting, and cleaning out the storage unit.

Favorite movie line about nails, from Cabaret. Sally Bowles: “They’re positively a nun’s hands.” (Which these most emphatically are not.)

Yes, they are RED. If you're going to get a manicure, why be subtle?

Since this is a review in parts, I’ll start with the actual manicure. Application was exactly like a traditional manicure, with the addition of the stints in the little UV dryer thingie. I managed to ding my left pinky on one pass, but the nail technician fixed it right away. Even though the UV exposure is only 6 minutes per hand, I think I’ll bring along a tube of sunscreen next time — they felt a little tender afterwards, though it passed quickly. (Since I’m using an AHA lotion these days, my skin is more sun-sensitive than usual.)

I could.not.believe that my nails were completely dry after the last pass through the dryer. Usually I don’t even make it out of the salon without ruining one nail. Which is why I generally don’t have manicures; they’re not a great investment for me. Shellac, on the other hand (if you’ll pardon the pun), is looking like a very good deal indeed…