One of Rubi’s Rules for Life is “Never pay retail.” I like nice stuff, but I’m hard-pressed to pay full price for it. (Though there are occasional exceptions, if I really need something Right That Instant. Like these. Which have now gone on sale, dadgummit.)

Thus, my delight to discover many lovely garments on sale and in my size — 18 — in the Woman department of I ordered up two dresses and a pair of trousers for a mere fraction of the original price. But sadness! When I tried them on, I discovered that they were not cut properly for me, being shaped like a Coke-bottle as I am.

The sleeveless shift dresses were huge under the arms, and loose through the waist. The only place they fit me was in the hip-and-booty region. Likewise, the trousers, which fit well through the waist and hips, but which were much too long in the rise. (Cut to accommodate a fuller tummy than mine.) Cue sighing.

I suppose it’s a mixed blessing, though. While nothing fit me well, it’s nice to see that for my apple-shaped sisters there are retailers who understand the difference in body shapes among those of us who are bigger than a size 14. As for me, I’ll stick with the Misses department, and shop earlier in the sales. Size 18 tends to sell out very quickly, indeed.