Lunch Interview

Last week, I had a lunch-job-interview-thingie in Boston. (I think it went well. Nothing definitive yet. Stay tuned for more deets when I know ’em.) A good thing all round. Except that, as a university instructor-type person who doesn’t work in the summer, I had nothing much to wear.

Fortunately for me, I had a panel of experts standing by to advise. Lisa, Pseu, and Duchesse generously shared their wisdom and insight about what would be a good summer interview look for someone who doesn’t wear matching suits. Two options were arrived at. Both good, both comfortable, both creative and “Rubi-like.”

And then a spanner was thrown into the works. My inside source for the job told me, “Go casual. Wear a skirt and top, or a nice summer dress.” This, because my two interviewers would not be dressed up. Panic ensued. At the last minute, as I was washing my hair, an ensemble, fully formed, popped into my mind. See above.

Never fear, though. It looks likely that I’ll have to go out of town to interview with more people. I’ll need to dress up a little. The best part? I’ve already got my outfit pulled together.