Not as in “save the whales” – as in, “save the pennies, and the nickels save themselves.”

My money philosophy is fairly simple: when I’ve got some, I like to spend it. When I don’t have any, I batten down the hatches. You’ll notice that there is no mention of saving. That’s because I’m awful at it.

I have to fool myself into saving (kind of the same way I have to fool myself into exercising). Automatic transfers into retirement and savings accounts are very useful ways to accomplish that goal. And there’s a low-tech method, too. See below.

That’s a quart mason jar (just about to go off to the coin-counting machine). It weighs seven pounds. And it holds the end product of a year’s worth of transferring my day’s change from wallet to jar. Total: $82.90

Not bad for someone who wasn’t even trying!