Thought I’d share a couple of quick and delicious (and not all that unhealthy) ideas with y’all, because they tasted soooooo goooooood when I made them for myself.

Exhibit 1: Open-faced Velvet Elvis

Story goes that this was The King’s favorite midnight snack. I quite like it for breakfast (hence the cawfee). Elvis Presley style: order from room service or Graceland staff. Rubi style: toast some sourdough, slather with all natural chunky peanut butter,  layer with a few strips of bacon, top with sliced bananas. Optional: Zouzou, giving you her deranged cat stare as you eat, because she’s a peanut butter junkie.

Exhibit 2: Arroz blanco con huevo frito (a/k/a The Mr. Pants Lunch Special)

This is one of the best quick lunches around — and a great way to use up left-over rice. Mr. Pants style: to three cups of cooked white rice, add 1/2 cup tomato sauce (“tomate frito”) and one can well-drained tuna, flaked. Top with sunny-side up egg, fried in a lot of olive oil (the Spanish technique is to spoon the hot oil onto the egg white as it cooks, so you get a lovely, crunchy-tender white and a nice runny yolk). Rubi style: swap the tomato sauce for salsa (whatever heat you prefer), and use less olive oil. This version was made with brown rice, because it was in the fridge.