The sun came out today, and is still out, glory of glories! (Yes, Lisa, I’m sending it your way.) And since the master’s theses I’m meant to be working on haven’t shown up, I spent the whole day sewing. I hemmed three pairs of britches, and took in the gaping underarms of two tank tops — all on MamaRubi’s fancy new Janome sewing machine. I also was planning to hem an enormously long linen dress, but because it’s bias-cut and has one of those awful circular hems, I’m going to hand it off to a professional. (Rubi Maxim #327: Know thy limits.)

The fun will really start tomorrow, when I’m going to see what I can do with the infamous black and white printed linen that came back from Spain last summer. I’ve got a dress pattern that looks like it will work, but I’m not sure I’ve got quite enough yardage. Fingers crossed! I’ll try to remember to take pix as I go, and post them when the dress is done.