Hello, all!

The big news from Casa Rubi is that I survived the DELE exam — and I am pretty happy with how I did. (Though I realized after the fact that I’d changed a correct answer — or two — to an incorrect one, the result of overthinking things. Gah!) Since I won’t have the official results for three months or so, I’m going to put all of this out of my mind and get on with the next thing.

It’s Thesis Season, which means that I’ll have a bunch of editing work to do in a very short period of time, and pretty much without warning. Thank goodness it only lasts for a month. Then I’ll have to figure out what to do next, workwise. Hopefully a little freelancing project will come my way and fill the coffers.

Of course, I’ve got to start organizing for my departure for Spain. This is making me massively uncomfortable, since it requires real actions, like selling things and filing official documents, rather than just talk. (Which as we all know, is cheap.) MamaRubi and I are going to sit down and draft a plan of attack this week. Item 1: Screw Rubi’s courage to the sticking point. With a power drill, if needs be.

Oh, and then there’s the matter of my cumpleaños at the end of the week. Since it has neither a 5 nor a 0, we’re going low-key, with a barbecue. And the thing at the top of my wishlist is some sunshine – know where I can get my hands on some?