Kiddos, am I ever glad it’s the last week of classes. I’m worn out! Not only have there been the usual teaching responsibilities, I’ve been doing my homework for the DELE, and looking after GrammyRubi while the Parental Units are spending their annual fortnight in Playa del Carmen. So please accept my apologies for the dearth of posts and signs of life in general. And feel free to join me in a little bit of envy for people who have An Annual Fortnight in Mexico. They’re used to it.

I’ve also been knitting away like Mme. Defarge while I catch up on episodes Gran Reserva (think Falcon Crest, only set in La Rioja, with cuter guys than Lorenzo Lamas, and probably better wine, too). I’m making a batch of cotton dishcloths to replace MamaRubi’s ancient and regusticating supply. I’ve got four done, one to seam, and enough yarn for one more. I promised her one for every day of the week, but that will require buying another ball of Sugar & Cream, and I don’t know if I have the energy. And then — ta-chan! — it’s time for me to knit something for Rubi. This, in fact.

It’s been ages since I’ve made myself anything bigger then the UFO in my workbag that’s going to be a Moebius scarf if I ever finish it. And I’m a huge fuss-pot when it comes to finding a pattern I like and picking yarn that’s going to be just perfect. I do a lot of noodling. A lot more, in fact, than actual knitting.

In the interest of both de-stashing and saving some money, I first visited my Giant Pile o’ Yarn in the storage unit, but didn’t find anything to use on this project. Lots of other good stuff in there that I’d forgotten about, though. So on the way home today, I stopped at the yarn store and felt up a bunch of likely candidates (I need to fondle yarn), but couldn’t decide on one. Probably a cotton and wool blend, like this, since the only time I can stand to knit with cotton is when I’m doing lace. Otherwise it’s just not bouncy enough for me.

Then I’m going to do a little sewing (a linen skirt and a who-knows-what with that length of  printed linen I bought in Madrid last summer), and then knit myself something pretty for the cooler weather. I’ve been visiting (virtually) this pattern and this yarn quite a lot. Or if I’m in Spain by the time I get cracking, maybe Neki-chan will teach me how to dye my own yarn. Wouldn’t that be dandy?