The local beauty spot

When I lived in Spain during the 80’s, I was often asked by friends and family in the States what I was doing. The answer — that I was working, and going to the movies, and spending time with my friends — never seemed to satisfy them. Not that I never went to any museums or monuments, but I wasn’t on a visit. I was home.

I love being “at home,” rather than “on tour,” in Spain — since I’m still feeling a bit puny, it’s especially nice to not be subject to a strong need to go, do, see. Today, I’m hanging out with my dear friend Mabel (that’s mah-BEL, not MAY-bel), doing laundry. Later, we’ll have lunch and watch our soap. Then a nap (for me), and some errands in the nearby monumental village, though we won’t be visiting the monument (see above). It’s the pharmacy we’re headed to. And probably a coffee and a pastry.

Yesterday and the day before I pushed myself to get in to town to see friends, and boy did I notice by the time I got home last night — I fell into bed and didn’t stir until about 10:00 this morning.

But it’s not all domesticity and pottering por aqui. We’re planning a girls-day-out tomorrow, when the weather is supposed to warm up (to 70F/22C!) and the sun will come out. I’ll take lots of pics, so y’all be sure to drop by!