Everything except the weather. It’s rainy, and on the cool side — def a boots-plus-jeans- kind of day. Assuming that I get around to getting out of my jammies at some point.

Last night, Mr. Pants and I went off to my favorite local bar for tortilla de patata (made to order!) and a big glass of Verdejo for me (beer for him). The best part was the welcome from Montse, who was grinning so hard I thought she’d hurt herself. And the hug — it always surprises me how hard these teensy Spanish women can hug you. It’s nice to have a place to come home to like that!

I’m taking it easy this morning, drinking coffee and reading. Mr. Pants — after a gentle reminder from me — made my coffee, but since there were no oranges, there was no juice. Of course, it has been eight months since we’ve seen each other and the routines need to re-establishing. (I’ve made a start on my end, too. He got his first daily hand massage yesterday.)

Hm. Just had a phone call and a lunch invitation. May have to get dressed after all.