…is change.

You thought I was going to say “death and taxes,” didn’t you?  I did just finish pulling things together for the accountant, and – yow!- last year, I only earned 30% of what I used to. But I’m not thinking so much about money.

Today’s ponderings are more about the surprising shape that change can take in our lives. If you’d asked me five years ago what I’d be doing right now, I probably wouldn’t  have seen myself teaching again, in the very same place I used to, and living with my parents (though not in the same room — that’s part of their walk-in closet now). There have been a lot of days that it’s felt like I got into the Way-Back Machine, thinking it was the express elevator. I’ve felt a little embarrassed at times. Like I don’t know which way was up. Or forward.

But then I remember drivers’ ed, and being taught to get my car out of the snow by reversing first, just to build a little momentum. When you get stuck, sometimes you have to go backwards before you can get moving again.

A week from today, I leave for a short trip to Spain, which is part of my big plan for a New and Improved Rubi, Version 1,000,000. I’m starting to get unstuck, ready to race up that next hill.

(And, yes, I promise you’ll be the first to know when I locate that fountain thingie. Just as soon as I recover from how massively un-PC that cartoon was.)