Although I’m not likely to be able to do a lot of prospecting for my new business when I’m in Madrid at the end of the month, I plan to see as many of my existing connections, who are friends, as I can. For that sort of meeting, my current knit-based wardrobe (considered on the dressy side by my colleagues at The Ivy League Institution Where I Teach) will do just fine.

But when I head back in the summer for a longer stretch and do start meeting prospective clients, I will very likely need a suit. I’ll be confirming this with my “high-powered” female Spanish friends before I shell out any serious dosh, since Spain is a lot more casual in this regard than the U.S. But in the meantime, I’ve been thinking about what in the world I’ll wear to look professional when it’s hotter than the hinges of Hell (June-October). I’m liking this linen-viscose look (there are matching trousers) from Eileen Fisher rather a lot.

Unlined linen is my favorite fabric for hot weather, and because this is gray, it will work well into the early fall season. And it’s machine washable, which makes me and my wallet happy. I’ve already got shoes and a bag that will work, and I can imagine a series of plain jersey tops — both neutral and colorful — underneath. With my enormous collection of accessories, I’ll be able to wear it multiple times in a week without boring myself…

What the heck! I may buy it even without sign-off from Las Gatas.