Ariat Heritage Western Roper R-Toe

Over at Pseu’s place, there’s a lively discussion about packing for a longish European jaunt at a time of year when the weather is really unsettled. I always struggle the most with choosing the feetswear I want to pack. (I’d like to just take all of the current faves, but that’s about 10 pair for every eventuality.) In the interest of room in the bag for other essentials, I’m planning on one pair of boots, one pair of ballet flats, and one pair of lace-up oxfords. Believe it or not, these boots are probably going to make the trip to Madrid with me later this month. I know it may seem like locura total, but I have very good reasons.

They are without a doubt the most comfortable boots I own (five pair, all black, from Mrs. Peel-style, to Chelsea Boots, to something biker-ish). I have walked from one end of Manhattan to the other in them, in the bitter cold, and had nothing to complain about.
They are waterproof, and have anti-slip soles (marketing copy says something something about being safer in the paddock area, which probably translates to being safer around large slippery piles of horse dung). If we have a stretch of rain, as often happens in Madrid this time of year, my patitas will be happy.
They work remarkably well with a minimalist wardrobe. A favorite look is with opaque tights and my Eileen Fisher ponte knit pencil skirt — probably a cashmere sweater and scarf on top. This is a very UNflashy boot. And note the R-toe. None of those OTT J-toes for Rubi. My mama drug me up right.

Botitas lindas de mi corazon...

They have attitude. They are the teensiest bit ironic. They produce swagger. And they’re culturally appropriate. After all, Spanish vaqueros in Tejas were probably the first to wear them. There’s something delicious about taking them back for a visit in La Madre Patria. If money were no object, I’d take these, from Rocketbuster. (They make the sort of boots you’re willing to die in. Oh, my yes.)