Today was the first day of February vacation week. RHMB, who’s spending the week here, decided that we should call it Awesomesauce Week instead. And in its honor, we developed a secret handshake, which I’d teach you except that it’s, you know, secret.

This morning, he told me that we’d have our first Awesomesauce Club meeting at 1:00, but it was OK to start later if it took me longer to do my errands. So when I got home, it was time to pick an activity. We decided to play with his new Snap Circuits set. We made a light/fan combo, a sound activated speaker, and a flying saucer. What a blast!

As Lisa said over at Privilege, there’s something really wonderful about being an auntie. I love that my nephew enjoys spending time with me — and I hope he does for a long time.

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for tomorrow’s Awesomesauce Club meeting, but I’ll keep you posted.