Workin' it like WendyB

I don’t think I’ve ever managed to channel so much chic at one time! Not only was this look influenced by MaiTai (I’m wearing her Dark Mother of Pearl scarf ring with my Iro scarf, and had never thought of accessorizing with both a scarf AND a chain until I saw how cool she looked doing it) and Deja Pseu (dark jeans and a jacket for work, works for me, too), I’ve managed to nail all the elements of WendyB’s patented pose. Feet crossed? Check. Hands on hips? Check. Red lipstick? Check. Big smile? Checkity-check. (Photo by my nephew, a/k/a The Red-Headed Monkey Boy, who’s 8 and a crack shot with the iPhone, despite the slight blurriness of this image. I think there was shmutz on the lens.)

Not only was this combo warm enough to deal with today’s brief return to frigid temps, it was the perfect balance of professional (professorial) and casual — just right for The Ivy League Institution Where I Teach. With its waistline-hiding properties, I’m not sure the boxy jacket is All Me, but it’s a start — and a welcome change from the Sea of Cardigans.