Brrrr… it’s currently 9 degrees F outside (that’s -15 C for you metric types), and that means I’m headed for chapped-lipville. Despite my success with hair and skincare products, I’m still on the hunt for something that will keep my lips in good shape through the bleak midwinter months.

I swear by Rosebud Salve for general lip conditioning, and I was delighted to discover that it comes in a tube now, as the tin gets a bit grotty in the purse. I slather it on at night before I go to bed, and plop a little on my cuticles while I’m at it. Six dollars very well spent. All the girls in La Familia Rubi are fans.

Miracle in a tube!

Lipstick, of course, helps keep lips in good shape, but the sort that last a long time dry my lips out. The moisture-rich kind tend to wear off quickly. And I do need a little color, as my lips are almost without pigment. What’s a Rubi to do? Tinted lip balm to the rescue!

Super-dark in the tube, gorgeous on the lips

Back in December, I splurged on a tube of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment — I love the Plum color for winter. And it’s got SPF 15. At $22.50, it’s a little spendy, but I’d rather spend that for something that works than a bunch of cheap chappies that end up in the vanity drawer. Since it’s sheer, I can just slather it on whenever my lips are dry. Hurrah!

Another contender in the bargain category.

Imagine my delight to discover that Burt’s Bees has a new line of tinted lip balms — just $7 a tube, and six great colors. I’ve got Rose now, but am on the hunt for Red Dahlia (they were out at my local drugstore). There’s no SPF, but it smells and tastes great. I’m going to experiment with layering it over something colorless that has SPF — maybe over Avene Cold Cream lip balm? Since it’s got a bit of a white tint, it looks odd on its own, and I think that adding a little color might be just the ticket!

Have any suggestions to add to my anti-lip-dandruff arsenal? Pipe up in the comments!