Ah, but they can. They can, and reasonable people must no long remain silent in the hope that if we ignore the shouting and the cruelty they will go away. Speak to them, but speak gently and with love.

Speak a new language
so that the world
will be a new world.

A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. – Proverbs 15:1 (KJV)

A very great part of the mischiefs that vex the world arises from words. -Edmund Burke

The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil. – Hannah Arendt

If one has no affection for a person or a system, one should feel free to give the fullest expression to his disaffection so long as he does not contemplate, promote, or incite violence. – Gandhi

In the long run, the sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit. – Anne Frank