No, I haven’t been hitting the sauce! But if Nuxe made booze, we might well have a different story on our hands.

How do I love thee, Huile Prodigieuse? Let me count the ways...

Shockingly for me, who dearly loves to “support the local economy” when traveling, the only two non-comestible purchases I made in Montreal were at a Pharmaprix. (Oh, the joys of a fancy cosmetics section in a drugstore! Second only to the joys of a stationery store…) And while I’m also quite fond of my new Avène lipbalm, I’m head over heels for Huile Prodigieuse.

I’d always thought of this as a summer product, worn to enhance a tan — if one has a tan, of course. Since I usually don’t, I’d consigned it to the category of “interesting, but not for Rubi.”

How wrong I was! I’ve been adding a drop or two to my leave-in conditioner, and miracle of miracles, my hair is curlier and better behaved. Rubbed into my cuticles, HP has pretty much banished the dreaded winter epidemic of hangnails. Day cream, night cream, foot cream… they’re all boosted by a few drops. And it’s only taken a few days to notice the difference.

If you live anywhere that both freezes and dries you out in the winter, treat yourself to a bottle of this magical stuff. While not easy to find in bricks-and-mortar stores in the U.S., it’s readily available via e-commerce. (In fact, is offering 20% off storewide and free shipping over $49, through December 20. They carry both the small and large sizes.)