Remember that lovely sweater I was going to make myself to help brave the winter cold? You know, the one that was going to be big enough to keep me and at least one good friend nice and cozy, because I hadn’t made a gauge swatch prior to casting on the whole shebang?

Well, we’re now at three swatches and counting. And it’s looking like the only way to get exactly the gauge I need is to make the sweater on a fictitious needle size. That would be 6 1/2 U.S., if there were such a thing, which there is not — there is such a thing as size 4.25 mm needles, but I don’t think I can find them here. Maybe I’ll see if I can find some when I’m in Montreal. Any suggestions for yarn stores where I can play, mes ami(e)s Canadien(ne)s?

And, yes, I’ve put the silly mess away. I am making myself a yummy merino/silk/alpaca blend infinity scarf instead. To heck with swatches.