Why is it worth it to take a kid to do or see something “enduring,” even if you’re a wee bit (or a lot bit) jaded about it? This is why. Because no matter how many times you’ve seen it, the firstness they experience can be wonderfully contagious.

Sister #2 After Me got tickets to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular back in late summer.  The plan was to take Grammy Rubi and my nephew, and make an evening of it. But Mr. Redheaded Monkey Boy didn’t want to go. (Something about dancing being for girls, I think. At 8, this is a powerful deterrent.) So Sister #2 offered his ticket to a young lady friend of ours, Miss K, who’s also 8. She’d never been to a theater before, and wasn’t really sure about the difference between a live performance and a movie. But she was excited to be able to get dressed up and go do something special with grown-ups she’s not related to. (At 8, a powerful incentive.)

When the curtain rose, it was magical. Eighteen women dressed as reindeer commenced prancing across the stage. Their antler-cum-bowler-hat headpieces lit up.

“They’re sparkly!” breathed little K, getting her first eyeful of the Rockettes and their sequined costumes. Neither she nor I had an unobstructed view, leaning around the people in front of us to see the stage. Despite it, we didn’t miss a single scintillation —  from start to finish, it was one dazzling moment after another. And I felt as if I’d never seen anything like it. Even Grammy, who at 97 has seen her fair share of theater, was rapt.

Do you need help getting through the longer, colder nights? Take my advice — go see something sparkly. Take a kid along, and check your jaded at the door. Let yourself be a little dazzled.