And, oy, the variety we’ve got around these parts. Perhaps it’s something in the water, but here in Little Rhody we seem to have cornered the market on the politicus bizzarus.

So you don’t get the Prez’s endorsement? Witness the Democratic gubernatorial candidate (and up until yesterday slight front-runner), Frank Caprio, take a not-great situation and make it much, much worse:

Welcome to Rhode Island, where Democratic politics are so quirky that the party’s nominee for governor welcomed President Obama on Monday by declaring, on live radio, that the president could “take his endorsement and really shove it.”

Later, as if to drive home his point, the Democrat, Frank T. Caprio – miffed that Mr. Obama is refusing to endorse him in the governor’s race – was a no-show when the president toured a local factory here, although he had an invitation from the White House to attend. [Via The New York Times]

Pass me a stuffed quahog, will you? I want to stuff it into Mr. Caprio’s mouth, if there’s any room left next to his foot.