Rubi’s something of a mess this week, dear ones, and is inclined to sniffle a bit on your virtual shoulders, if you don’t mind.

Some of you who’ve been with me from the start will have noticed that Mr. Pants doesn’t often make an appearance here anymore… it’s hard to explain neatly what’s going on, and I still haven’t got it figured out myself, but let’s just say that we love each other a lot and we’re not talking about getting married now.

If I can get hold of someone to take a decent picture of me in the new dress, etc., I’ll put it up tomorrow or Wednesday. Since posting here gives me a lot of joy, I’m hanging on to that, and am thinking about what I’d like to say besides the (recently) usual light and fluffy hair/clothes/accessories posts. Let me know if you’ve got any druthers.

And now I’m going to go cuddle with Nurse Kittypants, who has a sure-fire cure for the blues.