For those of you avidly following the soutache dress saga (and you know who you are), I received the version in my actual size on Saturday. It fits better, for sure, but I’m refraining from judgment until I get the last candidate in.

As for the gray shoes/bare legs combo, I’m a bit meh. Given how chilly the weather is likely to be when I want to wear the dress, I’m much more likely to go for black shoes and tights. (And isn’t one of the joys of cooler weather the lack of depilation?) The shoes themselves, though, are super-scrummy, and do come in black suede…. Looks like I’ll be making an exchange on those.

Here’s hoping the last size of the dress turns up soon. It’s a bit odd to have various versions of the same garment hanging about in their little plastic shrouds, and I’m keen  to make a decision!

ETA: Dress #3 just got here. I’ll have a full run-down tomorrow… with PIX