The soutache Calvin Klein dress arrived and hung on the back of the bedroom door for a few days before I got around to trying it on — I was awfully busy, and it looked more than a bit narrow through its plastic bag.

When I finally got a minute to try it on, I discovered that my first impression was right — while the stretch fabric was accomodating enough to wriggle into, I am well aware that nobody wants to know as much about me as the dress revealed. (Sigh.) It did look fabulous with my gray merino sweater jacket, however.

All is not glum news, however. I went back to the Nordie’s site and found that the dress was still in stock. And the item description had been helpfully updated with this tidbit: “Runs small. Order one size up.” Since I’d ordered one size down, remembering from past experience that CK’s plus-size line tends to be generous, it’s no surprise that the dress fit the way it did!

So I’ve reordered, both in my true size, and one size up. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, I’d really appreciate your suggestions on styling the dress. I found and ordered these gorgeous and reasonably-priced suede pumps, but am wondering about a couple of things. Do I wear this with tights? If so, what color? (I’m thinking gray again is going to edge me dangerously into heffalump territory.) Or just go with my very, very pale version of the bare legs shown in the catalog photo?

And what about a bag? My “nice” winter coat, i.e. the one that isn’t a big down nightmare, is a delicious deep plum melton cloth, also from Calvin Klein. So I was thinking about a plum colored bag… but I haven’t found anything modern/unembellished enough that isn’t fairly big, or too pricey.

Finally, jewelry. No necklace, obvy, and only unobtrusive earrings — there’s a lot going on at the top of the dress with all that trimming. But a bracelet, maybe? My instinct tells me not to go too feminine here. I’ve got a gray and black brushed glass bead necklace that’s nicely chunky — the beads are .75 inch in diameter — and since it’s about 17 inches long, I could wrap it around my wrist twice.

Please chime in!